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    ‘You would like to be a lady?’ I said

    ‘We are too umble, sir,’ said Mrs Heep, ‘my son and me, to be

    at home I would much rather remain at home’

    David Copperfield

    ‘Silence yourself,’ said Steerforth, turning red ‘Whom are you

    Yuwen Qing flat mouth, the good son rushed, could not help but burst into laughter, laughing young students buccal halo.

    door: ‘Bring up that tea and bread-and-butter!’ which, after some

    ‘A new one?’ I repeated

    ‘Well!’ he replied, shaking the snow out of his long hair, ‘I was

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    stood among the group, with a grave and attentive expression of

    savagest of names,’ said my aunt, rubbing her nose, for she could

    scraping, very slowly:

    sherry there, of a quality so precious as to make a man wink We

    she has said to us Does he—do they—aunt?’

    limb in some other form incompatible with the general interests of

    hurt easily They are wonderfully virtuous, I dare say—some

    ‘It is not fancy,’ said Agnes, shaking her head

    umble still I hope I never shall be otherwise than umble You will

    capital, Mr Micawber has not We saw, I think, the greater part of

    years); and by visiting Miss Linwood’s Exhibition, which I

    bedroom-windows standing open to let in the sweet-smelling air,

    Yu Huan did not resist, as the emperor beside the eunuch off the goggles, blindfold off, it has always been so dazzling eyes was a badly mutilated, the house immediately bursts of gasps.


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